How to tell whether a caster is Nylon or PP?| Flywheel Caster

April 03, 2023

To distinguish between nylon and polypropylene (PP) wheels of a caster, there are a few ways:

1. Appearance: 

Nylon wheels generally have a smooth and hard appearance, while PP wheels have a more rough and flexible appearance. By touching the material, one can tell the difference between the two.

2. Density: 

Nylon is more dense than PP, which makes it harder and more durable. By comparing the weight of the caster, one can determine the material of the wheels.

3. Strength: 

Nylon is stronger and more durable than PP, which makes it ideal for applications that require high load-bearing capacities or constant use.

4. Burning: 

PP burns easily and continues to burn after being removed from fire, with a petroleum odor, easily melting and dripping, and turning yellow on top and blue on the bottom, with little smoke. 

Nylon is not easy to ignite and slowly extinguishes after being removed from fire, with a unique wool or nail odor, with foam and melting droplets on the surface when burning.

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