Furniture casters


Furniture casters are versatile wheels which designed to attach to the base of furniture, enabling easy movement and rearrangement. Made from sturdy materials like steel, nylon, or rubber, Furniture caster wheels suit various floor types, from hardwood to carpet. These castors enhance furniture functionality, facilitating relocation during cleaning or interior redesigns, while some feature soft treads to protect sensitive flooring. 

As a professional furniture wheels manufacturer, Flywheel Caster’s products are made of high grade pressed steel and injected rubber, nylon, plastic, thermoplastic rubber etc, with attractive and durable zinc-plated/chrome-plated finish more than 8μm thickness and had passed EN12531 dynamic load test and 24 hours salt spray test. We always use virgin material to make the furniture castors which can guarantee you our maximum quality and keep you or your clients safe when using the furniture or equipment. 

Flywheel Caster available in diverse styles of furniture castors, like swivel,  locking and heavy duty options, they cater to different furniture weights and mobility needs. With high working loads, dual head race, standard offset and precised threaded stem, our castors for furniture can be easily assembled and provides excellent rotating and load bearing performance, as well as good wear and tear resistance. You can always find the perfect furniture wheels for your equipment or jobs, including chair casters, table wheels and cabinet wheels etc,. 

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