High Temperature Casters


High temperature casters are robust, specialized wheel assemblies engineered to navigate and perform reliably in sweltering thermal settings. Manufactured from advanced heat-resistant materials such as heat-treated steels, chrome alloys, or specialized polymers, these high temp casters can bear and function under temperatures that would normally degrade standard caster components. High-temperature casters are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -20° F - to 550°F, so they can go directly from the freezer to the oven. These high temperature wheels are withstanding high temperatures, they also need to meet hygienic requirements, be corrosion-resistant and support heavy loads.

Equipped with high-temperature resistant bearings and lubricants, high temperature caster wheels guarantee uninterrupted mobility and extended durability, even when constantly exposed to intense heat processes in industries like metal fabrication, ceramics, or food processing. They embody a critical safety measure by averting wheel deterioration and potential fire hazards in environments where heat is a consistent challenge. You'll find applications for heat resistant caster wheels in aerospace, bakery, smokehouses, autoclaves, medical environments and more. 

Flywheel offers high temp caster wheels in various sizes, such as 3 inch casters, 5 inch caster wheels, 10 inch caster wheels and so on. If you can't find the product you need on the website, you can contact us directly, We also provide customized services.

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