Garbage Can Casters


Garbage can casters are small wheels attached to the base of waste containers, designed to enhance mobility and ease the process of moving heavy trash bins. Typically made from durable materials like hard plastic or rubber, they come in various sizes to fit different bin types. The most commonly used trash container casters size is a 6-inch diameter, 2-inch tread width rubber wheel, flywheel's extra-thick rubber tread steel wheel has resilience, strength and impact load protection, making our casters of this type ideal for trash, waste and garbage bins.

The trash can casters usually include a sturdy bracket for secure attachment and a swivel mechanism, allowing for effortless navigation around corners and through narrow spaces, simply tilt the garbage can onto the trash can casters and push or pull it to the desired position, whether it's uphill or downhill. Their load-bearing capacity ranges from standard household use to industrial strength, capable of supporting bins filled with substantial weight. By incorporating trash can dolly wheels, users can efficiently manage waste disposal, reducing strain on their backs and improving overall sanitation practices.

Whether you just need trash can dolly replacement wheels or complete new set of trash bin trolley wheels, you can find it with flywheel Caster!

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