Swivel caster wheels are a type of mounting hardware designed to provide multidirectional mobility. They consist of a rotating mount that allows the wheel to pivot 360 degrees, enabling easy movement and maneuverability in any direction. Commonly used on equipment like furniture, carts, and hospital beds, swivel castor wheel enhance versatility by facilitating effortless turning and navigation around obstacles. Available in various sizes and materials, including stainless steel casters, plastic caster wheel , rubber casters and pneumatic caster wheel etc. they can support loads from light to heavy-duty industrial applications, with load capacities ranging from a few pounds up to several thousand pounds. For example, heavy duty casters play an important role in industry, and stainless steel casters are used in high-temperature operations.

As a swivel caster supplier, Flywheel offers different types of swivel caster wheels, such as swivel caster wheels heavy duty, swivel caster with brake, pneumatic swivel caster. If you are looking for 3 inch swivel casters or 10 inch swivel caster wheels, we can provide that too. We also provide customized services to meet the business needs of different customers.

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