Selection of casters and precautions for use

June 23, 2022

When using casters, we need to consider its use, function and conditions of use and choose the right type.

❶ Selecting the appropriate load-bearing capacity is the weight of the caster that can carry out long-term smooth movement on a flat surface. When calculating the load capacity of a caster, first estimate the total weight of the item. Then choose the right caster according to the number of casters you match.

Choose the right bearing 

Single ball bearing: Made of high quality bearing steel, it can bear heavy load and is suitable for flexible rotation and quietness.

Double ball bearing: It keeps the advantages of single ball bearing, but also reduces the gap between the wheel and the wheel, and is more stable when used.

Derlin bearing: Derlin is a special engineering plastic, suitable for wet and corrosive places, the flexibility of rotation is general and have more resistance.


Roller bearings: Heat-treated to withstand heavy loads, with average flexibility of rotation.


Rivet: Rivet is mainly used for less caster types, such as small caster, because the caster is too small to fit the bearing, so you can use rivet to turn the caster.


Center shaft: Casters with large swing clearance and small load, suitable for some smaller crafts.


Pressure bearing: Suitable for high load and high speed rotation, so it is often used in some special heavy machinery.


Sliding bearing: Suitable for high, ultra-high load, high-speed occasions.

❸ Braking device generally adopts rigid braking, that is, the use of brake parts and single wheel surface friction, to play a braking role, but after using a period of time, the locking effect will be reduced.


❹ The use of casters environmental conditions in general heavy-duty casters are assumed to be used indoors at room temperature, so the use of casters in special environments should be avoided as much as possible. Such as high temperature, low temperature, acidity, alkalinity, salt content, chemical solvents, oil, seawater, etc. If you need to use in a specific environment, you need to choose casters with special processes such as high temperature, low temperature, stainless steel, chrome plating, etc.

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